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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Believe in the Right Things Only

Hello reader! I hope you liked my last post Pass On The Vibe of Hope. If you didn't read it so far, you can click this link: Pass On The Vibe of Hope. Anyhow, lets look ahead. Today I'm writing about the power of believing in
right things. Here I go!

Believe! Believe it! Believe me!
'Believe' is a most common word we hear in our daily routine so many times. However,
how many times we implement it in the right way? Believing something in our life is
like human nature and is unpredictable as well. Sometimes, we believe
things after proper bargaining. We take time to believe something. However,
many at times, we just do as quick as an eye-blink.

One thing you might have noticed that our belief and our thinking are two co-
related concepts, but these both are far different from each other. You won't
believe but our belief usually depends on our thinking. We usually believe those
things very easily that we are already thinking about in our mind. However, what
happens is our thinking overcomes the power of believing and sooner or later, we
loose the power of believing in right things. We start believing in whatever we can
think of.

Believing in the right things is be-all and end-all for life. If we get stuck in a situation for
a long time for instance, if we fall ill because of a particular disease for a particular period of time say 6 months, 1 year or a couple of years, we start believing like this
disease is just made for me. I will never get rid of that. Now, I'll have to live rest
of life with this illness.
Similarly, if a person is suffering due to financial problem for a very long time.
He becomes like he's an only person in this world who is running out of money.
He starts thinking like nothing good will happen with him now. He will have to
live his life paying off debts only. After some more time, his thinking over comes
his power of believing and he start believing as if this is true. Now, he believes
that he's living just to pay off his debts. He believes like his life is totally
dedicated to earning money & paying off debts.

But my dear friend, this is not the end. This is not something you're in this world
for. This all happens just because your thinking has taken over your power of
believing. You're believing in those things that are not worth it. This is all just
because you've started believing in wrong things. Wake up! Pinch yourself. What
are you doing with your life?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Pass On The Vibe of Hope

Your success is not all yours. Where ever you're today is not somewhere you 
reached by yourself only. Whoever you're now is not someone you became only 
because of your efforts. Whatever you've earned is not something you gained 
just because of your hard work. In short, your success is not only because of your 
efforts, your ideas, your hard work, your luck, your power, your thinking, your 
personality & your capabilities.

Pass On The Vibe of Hope
Help Others In Flying High. Their Wishes Will Never Let You Fall Down.

Other than all this, there are many hands who came forward to help you out when you 
were in need. There are people behind your success who gave you a chance to 
prove yourself. The people who took interest in you. There were people who had 
faith in you & whatever you were about to do. There were lots of people like 
your parents, your friends, your well-wishers, your neighbors, your relatives, 
your loved ones, colleagues from your office, your business partners etc. who were 
consistently showing their trust in you.
There were so many people who gave you a second chance when you had a 
So many people were there who again trusted you when you broke their 
trust. There were lots of people who came up again for you & again took interest 
in you when you were not up to the mark in your first results. And that's how you 
got a push. That push due to which you're here today, due to which today others 
are your fan.
This is the story of your glory. This is how you succeeded. This is how success is 
yours today. This is the story of your success.

Your success is not all yours. Where ever you're today is not somewhere you 
reached by yourself only. Whoever you're now is not someone you became only 
because of your efforts. Whatever you've earned is not something you gained 
just because of your hard work.
I do agree that you made great efforts, you worked very hard, you gave your best. 
Yeah! thats totally countable but you can't deny what others did for you. You can't 
deny when you didn't get success in first, second, third and even after lots of 
attempts, even that time people were there for you. They again took interest in 
you. They again had faith in you. They kept their patience & trust in you.
Just imagine what if these people would have not came up by & again for you? 
Where would you be today?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Life is All About You

Life is All About You
For This Birth, Your Life's An Only Armor For You.
If you think that there's an inspiration behind writing 'Life is All About You' then,
you're right. Would you like to know what thing inspired me? Well! Answer is
'Life' itself. My own life inspired me to write something like this.
Actually, in my opinion, its our life that inspires us all. Life knows us very
well. One's life remains an only evidence that proves that he/she used to exist
in this world. Its our life that gives us opportunity to meet new people, to visit
new places.
However, many at times, we feel like our life is just full of problems, there's no fun, no
excitement, nothing. We start believing like nothing good can happen with us. No
one can help us. We're like just good for nothing in this world. We go hopeless.
We feel like we aren't not the part of this world and this world is not for us.

Life is All About You
What You Can See is Not an End.
I won't say that I've got a solution for you but yeah I'd say that there's something
which can not only just help you out but also can take you to the heights you ever
dreamed. And that something is "Your Life". I know you won't believe this thing.
You might call me an insane & you may say,"My life is already full of troubles,
there are situations that I can't go beyond, there's stuff needs to be fixed &
you're saying that my life is gonna help me out, what are you saying? Are you
running out of your mind?"
However, after listening to all this, I'd again say the same that its your life that can help you out better than anyone or anything else. Let me describe you this.

See, whenever we say that our life's just full of problems. Then, actually its not our
life but its we who are in problem. We should try to understand this thing that
there's nothing wrong with our life. It's flowing & will keep on flowing like this.
The problem is with us. Everyday, our life gives us a new chance in the form of a
new morning but we rarely make the most of it. We rarely get across this thing
that life always forgets what happened yesterday no matter it was good or bad but we don't. We keep on thinking about the same incident for a long time & don't
focus on our present. We should try to understand our life's a message for us. Even I've
made a post about What Out Life Wants To Convey and I hope it'll help you out.

Similarly, I hear people saying that Life doesn't give a second chance. However, what I
believe is life does give us chances. Not only a second chance but a plenty of
chances. Since the day, we saw the light, Life's continuously giving us chances. If
we consider a day as a chance then, we can actually calculate how many chances
are given to us by our lives. There are usually 365 days in a year.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How To Make Better Decisions In Our Life

Lastly, I wrote about the patience and how it affects our life & time. I hope you liked that. If you didn't read that post, you can click How Keeping Too Much Patience Can Make Things Late. This time I'm writing about Decision making i.e. How Can We Make Better Decision. Here I go!

Everyday we make decisions. Our morning starts with a decision. We decide to get up & thats how we take the very first decision of the day. Sometimes, we decide  for ourselves and sometimes for others. Sometimes our decisions are strong and sometimes we've to take a decision in order to favour someone.
In short, decision taking is a process by which we get a clear instruction that how to proceed in our life. Our decisions make a great impact on our life. What so ever we do is a result of a decision which further leaves a result before us so that we can make another decision.
But sometimes situations becomes so complex that it becomes too tough to make a decision. At that time, we don't know if our decision will be right or wrong. We don't find ourselves able to look at possible outcomes. So, what to do at that time? How to make a right decision in hard times? Here are some useful tips to help you out:

Monday, November 18, 2013

Keeping Too Much Patience Can Make Things Late

"Keep patience!" Two simple but effective words which we hear by & by in our day to day life & we do follow this suggestion or in other words, we have to follow, Isn't it? Sometimes, we get stuck in a situation in which there's no option left before us & we have to keep patience.
So, what do we keep patience for? Now, according to me, there's only one answer. The answer is also as simple as it should be i.e. "We keep patience for the right time when that specific thing will happen." Yes! This is the right answer. But you know what, tragedy actually starts right from here. The big question is "How Long Anyone Can Keep Patience?".

Well! I too don't know what should be the exact answer for that so, I'd say,"It depends." As this answer may vary from situation to situation and person to person as well. Anyhow, what I'm interested in is to replace the word 'Can' by 'Should'. So, now what?
Now, the big question is "How Long Anyone Should Keep Patience?". Here I can also provide you with some options as well. The options are:

(I) For a week
(II) For a month
(III) For a year
(IV) For a couple of years
      and the last but not least
(V) For ever

What so ever your answer is but one thing is clear that its really hard to keep patience for ever or is it really worth to keep patience for ever?

Friday, November 15, 2013

How To Get Relief of Stress

Hello readers! A warm welcome on Webtainment.

Last time I wrote about life, I wrote about How To Understand What Our Life Wants To Convey. I hope you liked that. Today, I'll write about stress management or in your words, how to get rid of 
stress or how to de-stress yourself or how to be stress-free etc.

First of all, I'd like to let you all know that what is stress actually. According to 
my point of view, stress can be considered as an urge due to which human body 
actually wants to stop, whatever its doing, right away but brain still sends signals 
to continue due to fear, worry or a reason best known to be understood.
On the top of that, I'd like to clear that you can't get rid of stress but you can get 
relief of it. In simple words, stress is a natural phenomenon and you will have to 
accept it as it is. It comes or occurs naturally and the only way to get relief of it is 
to manage the stress.
Yeah! You got it right. Stress can only be managed. Its so simple and you can do it 
too. Although, there are no. of therapies available but these are specially for the 
people who are suffering from stress in their day to day life but we aren't 
suffering from stress. Right? And if you are, still I'd like to ask you to go through 
the article, who knows, you might get something useful for yourself.

How To Understand What Our Life Wants To Convey

We all want to know answers. We all want to know answers according to our mindsets. We want answers the way we like to know. You know what, you won't believe but somehow these answers are actually connected to our lives, our lifestyles, our thinking, our perception or simply us to us. And being a human, I appreciate this. I appreciate that 
we're capable enough to object something, to analyze something in order to 
question out. I appreciate that we're capable enough to put a question. It signifies 
that we're not jerk. But what about answers? What are those answers? Who will 
tell us those answers? Who? When? Where?
As far as I could find, Its 'No one'. Now, why No one? This is because these answers just 
don't exist. Yeah! And why I’m saying this because I’m one of you people. I also 
put questions a lot & want the answers the way I want.