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Friday, November 15, 2013

How To Understand What Our Life Wants To Convey

We all want to know answers. We all want to know answers according to our mindsets. We want answers the way we like to know. You know what, you won't believe but somehow these answers are actually connected to our lives, our lifestyles, our thinking, our perception or simply us to us. And being a human, I appreciate this. I appreciate that 
we're capable enough to object something, to analyze something in order to 
question out. I appreciate that we're capable enough to put a question. It signifies 
that we're not jerk. But what about answers? What are those answers? Who will 
tell us those answers? Who? When? Where?
As far as I could find, Its 'No one'. Now, why No one? This is because these answers just 
don't exist. Yeah! And why I’m saying this because I’m one of you people. I also 
put questions a lot & want the answers the way I want.

So, how can we change this or is there any way to change this? Sure! There is a 

way. In my point of view, we need to change one out of the two things. Either we 
should change the question which seems simple but is not adequate (after all, we 
want answers) OR we should change the way we want to listen to the answers which 
can be troublesome for some people but there's a surety that you will get 
the correct answer.

Now, before I write further, I'd like to clear one thing. Though, it's obvious but still if 

any reader isn't aware that the questions we're talking about here 
aren't general questions like where is ABC place? or how to find XYZ? or 
something like that. 
We're talking about the questions that are unexplainable to others; questions that we can't make others understand; questions that are sometimes make us scared for our life, our career, our relations etc. 
For instance, what would happen if I don't do this? What if I don't go? What would be the result of that? How would I clarify? What would be their reactions? How would I approach? 
Sometimes, these type of questions put before us & we look for the answers but nobody gives us answers or rather I'd say nobody gives us answer the way we want to listen to.
Basically, these answers are result-driven; And we're not scared of knowing those results but we're scared of others' reactions. We get scared of what if others also get to 
know about our results. And we strive our best not to let others know.   
We think of the perception we created once before them. 
This fear comes out to be in the form of change in our mentality & behavior. We start 
lying. We start ignoring. We start taking things for granted no matter how much 
they are worth. This behavior becomes more annoying when others start pointing 
you out for the work or task you're accountable for. We start not to admitting our 
mistake but we start explaining for that. By the time, the situation goes worse & 
we start thinking like nobody understands me, nobody loves me or I’m just good 
for nothing & all that.
And all this happens just because of an answer. An answer which could be 
accepted at that time when it was told by someone or even if we got to know by introspection. However, we didn't accept because it was not the way we wanted it to be; we rejected it & we're here now.
In fact, I’m here now & writing this, you're here now & reading this.
I've got my answer finally that why I’m writing this. I hope you've also got your 
answer after reading this & if you haven't then, I recommend you to change the way you want to listen to the answer and accept the answer. Stop nagging and negotiating right there before situation goes worse. I also pray for your success.

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