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Monday, November 18, 2013

Keeping Too Much Patience Can Make Things Late

"Keep patience!" Two simple but effective words which we hear by & by in our day to day life & we do follow this suggestion or in other words, we have to follow, Isn't it? Sometimes, we get stuck in a situation in which there's no option left before us & we have to keep patience.
So, what do we keep patience for? Now, according to me, there's only one answer. The answer is also as simple as it should be i.e. "We keep patience for the right time when that specific thing will happen." Yes! This is the right answer. But you know what, tragedy actually starts right from here. The big question is "How Long Anyone Can Keep Patience?".

Well! I too don't know what should be the exact answer for that so, I'd say,"It depends." As this answer may vary from situation to situation and person to person as well. Anyhow, what I'm interested in is to replace the word 'Can' by 'Should'. So, now what?
Now, the big question is "How Long Anyone Should Keep Patience?". Here I can also provide you with some options as well. The options are:

(I) For a week
(II) For a month
(III) For a year
(IV) For a couple of years
      and the last but not least
(V) For ever

What so ever your answer is but one thing is clear that its really hard to keep patience for ever or is it really worth to keep patience for ever?

What I think actually, sometimes, keeping patience for a very long time can make the things late from our side. You may not believe but it happens. Basically, when we keep patience, we tend to leave everything on time. We think that let the exact time come & it'll happen automatically. We stop making more efforts & its so because we're tired of making the same effort by & again without having the desired output. We only think of results, output & all that. In short, we wait!

For a set period of time, its fine! But if there's no result even after that period of time then its not the time to keep on having patience but to re-think about the efforts made. This is time where we all mistake even I too. This is the time where keeping more patience can make things late from our side. Because, while keeping more patience after that, time keeps on passing by & we keep on thinking, thinking & just thinking only, instead of finding the mistakes, learning from them & then making necessary corrections accordingly.
Believe it! You will never get notified for the exact time. Nobody will come to you & say,"Hey buddy! Time's come. Its the right time. Just do it now."
But you be the one to make yourself notified for the exact time. Yes! Time's here. Stop keeping more patience now. Do not let it be. You can do it because you did it last time also. You know how to begin this very well, you know what are the things required very well.
So, just don't put it on the back burner but come up with your reserved potential. This is the time when you can change the time.
According to me or you can say what I believe in is that when results aren't according to us, when results aren't up to the mark, when we've waited alot or we've kept patience alot but still results are out of order that all means only one thing. This thing is that now time itself giving you opportunity to change it according to your comfort. Make it yours. Take it with your both palms together, make a strong fist and promise yourself that now you won't let the time to pass by again. Be what you want to be. Do what you want to do. Achieve what you want to achieve. Because, now time is in your caught. Time won't change itself because it's given you this opportunity to change it now. Now, its yours. Make the most of it.

If time doesn't give results you want then it means that the time itself giving you power & opportunity to make the results according to you, according to your comfort by yourself. It means time is saying,"Make your results by your own". 
I hope you got me & you've reached where I wanted to make you reach. I, myself learned alot while writing this article for you.
How do you find it? Do share your views.

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