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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Life is All About You

Life is All About You
For This Birth, Your Life's An Only Armor For You.
If you think that there's an inspiration behind writing 'Life is All About You' then,
you're right. Would you like to know what thing inspired me? Well! Answer is
'Life' itself. My own life inspired me to write something like this.
Actually, in my opinion, its our life that inspires us all. Life knows us very
well. One's life remains an only evidence that proves that he/she used to exist
in this world. Its our life that gives us opportunity to meet new people, to visit
new places.
However, many at times, we feel like our life is just full of problems, there's no fun, no
excitement, nothing. We start believing like nothing good can happen with us. No
one can help us. We're like just good for nothing in this world. We go hopeless.
We feel like we aren't not the part of this world and this world is not for us.

Life is All About You
What You Can See is Not an End.
I won't say that I've got a solution for you but yeah I'd say that there's something
which can not only just help you out but also can take you to the heights you ever
dreamed. And that something is "Your Life". I know you won't believe this thing.
You might call me an insane & you may say,"My life is already full of troubles,
there are situations that I can't go beyond, there's stuff needs to be fixed &
you're saying that my life is gonna help me out, what are you saying? Are you
running out of your mind?"
However, after listening to all this, I'd again say the same that its your life that can help you out better than anyone or anything else. Let me describe you this.

See, whenever we say that our life's just full of problems. Then, actually its not our
life but its we who are in problem. We should try to understand this thing that
there's nothing wrong with our life. It's flowing & will keep on flowing like this.
The problem is with us. Everyday, our life gives us a new chance in the form of a
new morning but we rarely make the most of it. We rarely get across this thing
that life always forgets what happened yesterday no matter it was good or bad but we don't. We keep on thinking about the same incident for a long time & don't
focus on our present. We should try to understand our life's a message for us. Even I've
made a post about What Out Life Wants To Convey and I hope it'll help you out.

Similarly, I hear people saying that Life doesn't give a second chance. However, what I
believe is life does give us chances. Not only a second chance but a plenty of
chances. Since the day, we saw the light, Life's continuously giving us chances. If
we consider a day as a chance then, we can actually calculate how many chances
are given to us by our lives. There are usually 365 days in a year.
Consider a day as a new chance which means our life gives us 365 chances in a single year and now multiply 365 with your current age. You'll be getting an actual figure of
chances/opportunities your life has provided you with so far. The thing is where have we
been up to? How did we use these all chances/opportunities?

So, never blame your life for what ever tragedy you're facing. This is not because
of your life. I'm not saying that you're the one who is responsible for yourself. I'm
not pointing you out directly or indirectly. What I'm trying to say is we should have a look at our deeds. What we did at that time when we were not supposed to do that and,
of course, why the heck did we do that?

There are usually 365 days in a year, consider a day
as a new chance which means our life gives us 365 chances in a single year and now multiply 365 with your current age. You'll be getting an actual figure of
chances/opportunities your life provided you with.

Life is All About You
Life Is Full of Opportunities. You Better Refine Your Thinking.
Many at times, I hear people never hesitate, even once, saying that Life s**ks.
I'd like to say only one thing to those people that atleast respect your life. If not
for you then, for the God sake but do respect your life. What so ever you're now and
where so ever you've been up to, this is all just because you've got this life. You got
this life by the grace of almighty God. He's blessed you with something you just don't
know about and He chose you to live this life. Its His decision. He knows about
your capabilities. Your life knows about your capabilities but you don't. Either you don't know what you deserve or you're not confident about your life. You usually think like what others will comment if I go this way, if I do this, If I met him/her, etc. What others will say if you put on that, if you go there, if you do this & that. In short, you're sick of others.

My dear! Its your life. Read the title of this post again. Its saying,” Life is All
About You." So, its your life. Its all about you. Its all about how you like to live it.
Its all about the way you live it. Understand yourself. Get to know about your
capabilities. Get to know about your strength. The most high God's given you all those
things that you notice in the ones you're inspired from. You already have what
you need to live this life. The next thing is how you reach to those resources just
like the people, you're inspired from, reached there. How you collect and make the most of those
resources like the people, you're inspired from, made. I hope you got my point & have understood the
actual meaning of your life. Its simply about you. Live it the way you want.

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