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Sunday, September 07, 2014

We Are All Under a Divine Connection

By the way, this is not a technical or promotional article. Also, I want to tell you that you are not going to receive any important information after reading this. By saying this all, I am not trying to manipulate your mind. I am just trying to rebuke those thoughts, if you have, before reading further. Count on me, I am not angry.
So, what do you think that what made your mind to read this further? Answer it to yourself.
When I got up today, I had no idea that I am going to write something like this. Nonetheless, I am writing. Also, I have heck of other stuff to start, to finish, and to modify, still something down on the inside is insisting my fingers on to keep on typing until ……………………………. I do not know it by myself even that until when.

When you will come in contact with this divine connection, you will not be able to resist yourself from sharing it with others.
You know, I am sure that it also happens with you when you just do that has no meaning. That was never in your priorities. It is something that was never scheduled by you or by anybody else for you. It is something that you never planned for or ready for. Also, it is neither there in your to-do-list nor it is one of your must-haves. However, we do it and we do it perfectly.

So, what makes us to do it? You know what, I have found the answer. It may sound non-relatable right now but as you will read further, you will find it relatable. That answer is ‘A CONNECTION’.
Yes! I believe that it is a connection that makes us to do it. It is a connection that insists us on to do such things that we have never thought of. I cannot tell you in the words what I am trying to convey but I will put the best of my efforts to explain it.

This connection could be of any type. It could be a physical connection or a non-physical connection. It could be in your reach or a distant one. However, what personally I believe that it is a divine connection. All you have to feel it for a moment or two and then you automatically start doing such things willingly. The beauty of this feeling is hidden in this thing that you do not have to be a spiritual person or a person who follows the God blindly. NO! It is not like that. I repeat it has nothing to do with that.