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Friday, November 15, 2013

How To Get Relief of Stress

Hello readers! A warm welcome on Webtainment.

Last time I wrote about life, I wrote about How To Understand What Our Life Wants To Convey. I hope you liked that. Today, I'll write about stress management or in your words, how to get rid of 
stress or how to de-stress yourself or how to be stress-free etc.

First of all, I'd like to let you all know that what is stress actually. According to 
my point of view, stress can be considered as an urge due to which human body 
actually wants to stop, whatever its doing, right away but brain still sends signals 
to continue due to fear, worry or a reason best known to be understood.
On the top of that, I'd like to clear that you can't get rid of stress but you can get 
relief of it. In simple words, stress is a natural phenomenon and you will have to 
accept it as it is. It comes or occurs naturally and the only way to get relief of it is 
to manage the stress.
Yeah! You got it right. Stress can only be managed. Its so simple and you can do it 
too. Although, there are no. of therapies available but these are specially for the 
people who are suffering from stress in their day to day life but we aren't 
suffering from stress. Right? And if you are, still I'd like to ask you to go through 
the article, who knows, you might get something useful for yourself.

Here I'm going to tell some tips you can try to get relief of stress. So, here we go!

1. Stop Thinking:

    Whenever you feel you're in stress, first thing you should do is just try 
to stop thinking. Do not think about anything. To do this, you can close your eyes 
for a couple of seconds & lean down against the chair, desk, bed or whatever you 
are sitting on leaving your both arms loose to their respective sides pointing 
towards ground such that your fingers curl themselves automatically.
This posture will make you calm & quite for a bit.

If you're in a profession and due to common workplace its not possible, you 
should try this:
    Just be seated on your chair in a relaxed posture & try to focus your eyes 
on a wall-clock or an opened door/window or a vase placed atleast 20 steps away 
form your sitting place. Keep looking for atleast 1 min. & leave your legs loose. 
Do not cross-fold your legs. Try to have a glass of water sip by sip. It'll calm you 
down & will make you quiet as well.

2. Feel Good & Be Friendly With Yourself:

    As I told above stress is all about to manage. Now, its up to us how do 
we manage it. Feeling good is one more way to manage your stress. But the thing 
is how can one feel good about his/herself.
Well! Its as simple as blinking your eyes. No matter where you're or what you're 
doing, feeling good is just being friendly with yourself. Just try to be friendly 
with yourself.
    Write your name on a paper, try to relate it with something or someone 
you like. Write name of your fav. place you ever visited or you wish to visit once 
in a lifetime. If you're married, you better write name of your children, it'll 
surely leave you with a smile on your face.

3. Try To Be Musical:

    If you might have noticed, stress is the best time to listen to music. 
This is the time when you don't listen to music to enjoy but you listen to feel it. 
Yeah! You got me right. Try to listen to your fav. tracks or watch your fav. clips. 
Believe me, you're going to feel it this time.
For office goers, I'd like to recommend you to croon your any fav. song or your 
fav. lines from a song using your deep note. It'll give you relief & you'll start 
following your mood.

I wish these tips work out for you & I pray you get well after following these tips  
& you don't need to surf again for the same.

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