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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How To Make Better Decisions In Our Life

Lastly, I wrote about the patience and how it affects our life & time. I hope you liked that. If you didn't read that post, you can click How Keeping Too Much Patience Can Make Things Late. This time I'm writing about Decision making i.e. How Can We Make Better Decision. Here I go!

Everyday we make decisions. Our morning starts with a decision. We decide to get up & thats how we take the very first decision of the day. Sometimes, we decide  for ourselves and sometimes for others. Sometimes our decisions are strong and sometimes we've to take a decision in order to favour someone.
In short, decision taking is a process by which we get a clear instruction that how to proceed in our life. Our decisions make a great impact on our life. What so ever we do is a result of a decision which further leaves a result before us so that we can make another decision.
But sometimes situations becomes so complex that it becomes too tough to make a decision. At that time, we don't know if our decision will be right or wrong. We don't find ourselves able to look at possible outcomes. So, what to do at that time? How to make a right decision in hard times? Here are some useful tips to help you out:

1. Have A Clear Vision: 

The best way to get it done is writing them down on a paper. Yes! Get handy with a pen and paper & write down all the things that you think your decision may affect. Write down each & every point like (i) problems you may face after making the decision (ii) name of persons may get affected (iii) solutions available at that time (iv) best time to make & implement your decision (v) possible results and all that.
It may seem challenging, it may take long time may be even 2-4 days or a week but who knows. Its better to enlighten a candle first before saying,"Darkness is responsible."

2. Get Things Listed In A Sequence:

It simply means creating a list and arranging the things in a sequence you think they may get affected due to your decision. You can do it this way. Think of a thing(it could be anything even a person's name) you know may get affected least. Put it on the top of your list. Number it like '1.'.
Now, again search for another thing which may get affected a bit more than you put on the top. Put it below number '1.' & number it '2.'.
Now, again search for another thing which may get affected more than '2.'. Number it '3.'. Keep doing until you sort all the things.

3. Prioritise A Thing:

Now, you've a clear vision in front of you written by you, yourself. Look at the very last thing you numbered (for example the very last thing is on number 15). So, the thing on number 15 is that thing which may get affected most due to your decision.
Give it priority. Remember, this is an only thing which you should keep in your mind while making any change in your decision. It should be your PRIORITY and all other things should be just OPTIONS for you.

4. Refine Your Decision According To Priority:

So, now you've your priority. This is the time to have a quick look around your decision you want to make. Give time to your decision & refine it according to your priority. There should not be any problem as you're the one who set this thing as your priority.
As you know that this is the priority & it may get affected the most, so obviously your refined decision should be so worthwhile such that your priority shouldn't get affected. Think of all the possible ways you can make to affect your priority least.

5. Involve Others(if possible):

If its possible for you, do involve your loved ones or your well-wishers & ask them if you're going good or not. This will help you out to notice those points which you never thought of. You might need to change even your priority and make other steps accordingly after your loved ones will supervise your work.

6. Give It Go:

If all goes good & your loved ones, your well-wishers are also agree with you. Well! that means your hard time is over now. As I titled this point, Give it go & hope for the best.

I wish that above 6 points will be helpful for you. But sometimes life takes such a sharp curve that we don't get time to get ourselves ready to do all this. Stuff changes so quickly that we just need to make a decision in no time. In that time, just listen to your soul. Do what your instincts want you to do. After all, time is the only answer.

So, how do you find this post? Share your views with me.

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