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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Believe in the Right Things Only

Hello reader! I hope you liked my last post Pass On The Vibe of Hope. If you didn't read it so far, you can click this link: Pass On The Vibe of Hope. Anyhow, lets look ahead. Today I'm writing about the power of believing in
right things. Here I go!

Believe! Believe it! Believe me!
'Believe' is a most common word we hear in our daily routine so many times. However,
how many times we implement it in the right way? Believing something in our life is
like human nature and is unpredictable as well. Sometimes, we believe
things after proper bargaining. We take time to believe something. However,
many at times, we just do as quick as an eye-blink.

One thing you might have noticed that our belief and our thinking are two co-
related concepts, but these both are far different from each other. You won't
believe but our belief usually depends on our thinking. We usually believe those
things very easily that we are already thinking about in our mind. However, what
happens is our thinking overcomes the power of believing and sooner or later, we
loose the power of believing in right things. We start believing in whatever we can
think of.

Believing in the right things is be-all and end-all for life. If we get stuck in a situation for
a long time for instance, if we fall ill because of a particular disease for a particular period of time say 6 months, 1 year or a couple of years, we start believing like this
disease is just made for me. I will never get rid of that. Now, I'll have to live rest
of life with this illness.
Similarly, if a person is suffering due to financial problem for a very long time.
He becomes like he's an only person in this world who is running out of money.
He starts thinking like nothing good will happen with him now. He will have to
live his life paying off debts only. After some more time, his thinking over comes
his power of believing and he start believing as if this is true. Now, he believes
that he's living just to pay off his debts. He believes like his life is totally
dedicated to earning money & paying off debts.

But my dear friend, this is not the end. This is not something you're in this world
for. This all happens just because your thinking has taken over your power of
believing. You're believing in those things that are not worth it. This is all just
because you've started believing in wrong things. Wake up! Pinch yourself. What
are you doing with your life?

These were not your dreams. This is not somewhere you ever imagined yourself.
This is not something you ever decided to do.

Start believing in the right things right from now. Think yourself where you want to
see yourself in next 2-3 years from now and believe it. Think how much you want to earn in
a next couple of months and start believing in it. Just think everything good about
you. Feel good about you. Let yourself believing in the right things.

If you're ill for a long time then, just think about how you're going to live your life
when you'll be fine. Think what you'd do after recovering from this illness, how
you'd do, where you'd like to hang out, who you'd like to dine out with and start
believing in all these things. Because, these are the right things for you to
What so ever you can see is all achievable only if you keep seeing until unless you get it. If you close your eyes, you may take a turn in the wrong direction. Problems are like wind blows, they come & try to close your eyes. However, once they go, they take all the dust with them and leave you with a clean road to walk on.
Similarly, if you're running out of money and not earning as much as you need or you've borrowed the money or your financial condition is not very good for a long
time then, it isn't sign of an end. Start believing in the right things. Divert your
mind from problems and think of the solutions. Think about your financial condition
after 6 months. Think where you want to see yourself in the next 4-5 weeks. You
haven't borrowed money against your entire life. There's no need to ruin your life just
for a debt. You're capable of paying off thats why you borrowed money.

 Sorrow, failures, mishappenings are nothing but just a bad phase of time. And
everybody has to go through this phase. Some go early and some go later but all
you need is just your belief. Don't let your thinking overcome your belief. You aren't a
finished product. You're on a journey. This is not the final destination you
decided for yourself.
So, think whatever you want but believe only the things which are right and which
are hopeful. Believe only in the right things. Believe in the good things.

I hope you find this post meaningful and It'd help you out in a way or other. How
do you find it? Share your views with me. I really appreciate if you'd like to tell
that how this post changed the way you used to live.

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